Botox Price List

Upper face botox

Forehead, glabellar (frown lines), crows feet (laughter lines), bunny lines

1 area: From £150
2 areas: From £220
3 areas: From £280
4 areas: From £320

Advanced botox treatments

Lower face botox:

From £50 if combined with another treatment or £150 as a stand alone treatment
Dimpled chin
Smokers lines
Gummy smile
Teeth grinding
Downturned mouth (DAO)

Specialist botox

Neck lift
From £200 for one area or from £350 combined
Options: Nefertiti neck lift or Platysmal bands

Jaw muscle reduction (for a muscular looking jaw): From £275 (women) and from £300 (men)

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating): From £350 for both armpits (ask for other areas)

Dermal fillers

Marionette lines: From £150-£240
Nasolabial folds: From £150-£240
Smokers lines: From £150
Superficial lines: From £150

Cheek fillers (with local anaesthetic cream): From £300
Lip augmentation (with local anaesthetic cream or nerve block): From £175
Non surgical nose job: From £300

Skin remodelling

Profhilo From £300
See for more information and evidence:


For further information and advice sheets on botox or fillers then email me or call me and I will send you information on frequently asked questions.

*prices may be subject to change. Price depends on severity of lines and volume of product needed.

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